Innovative Client-Specific EMS Consulting Services

Innovative, Client-Specific
EMS Consulting Services

“The Health Care Visions team offers a variety of consulting services related to the delivery, oversight and management of emergency medical services. The following is a sampling of the wide scope of services Health Care Visions can provide to public and private EMS providers as well as to municipalities.

Health Care Visions’ flexibility allows us to provide many other services which we would be happy to discuss with you. If you are in need of a salary survey, objective third-party customer service surveys, demand and staffing models or solutions to any other EMS problems or challenges contact us today.”

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EMS System Design and Analysis

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) systems are complex organizations that combine features of medical practice, healthcare management, community service, production and distribution, sophisticated technology, and healthcare finance. Each EMS system design contains many interrelated components. As a result, changes made to any part of the system are likely to affect other system components.

Health Care Visions understands the importance of fully understanding ones current system design, including which components work well and which are in need of improvement, before comprehensive recommendations can be safely prescribed. The team evaluates each system with the sense of performance and manner of operation, identifying areas of efficiency and making recommendations where improvements can be made.

Health Care Visions can assist clients in either changing and improving their system design where possible or assisting them in better functioning in a system with challenges that may not have the possibility to be modified.

Health Care Visions uses broad based team of industry and related experts in its system design and evaluation projects to cover all the interlocking pieces to improvement.

Operational & Financial Review/Improvement

Health Care Visions can assist clients in improving their operational and financial performance through the use of a broad based team of industry and related experts. Health Care Visions has a long history of providing measurable successes in these projects.

Regardless of the specific operational or financial issue or system size, Health Care Visions consultants have the breadth of experience to provide solution-based insights to the client. Call Health Care Visions today with your questions and let us discuss how we can help improve your service performance.

Accreditation Preparation and Review

The Health Care Visions' team has been assisting companies with their journey through the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) accreditation process for over a decade. As a director of EMS services Steve Athey led two (2) companies to accreditation and as a consultant has assisted close to a two dozen more in reaching this "gold standard" of ambulance accreditation. Health Care Visions was the lead consultant for Emergency Medical Care in Nova Scotia where CAAS accredited this single ambulance service that covers the entire province of Nova Scotia as Canada's first accredited agency.

Health Care Visions can provide a complete system review of the organization's policies, practices and manuals as the relate to CAAS requirements; culminating in a comprehensive "gap analysis" and report identifying the areas that need development, modification and/or improvement prior to or during the CAAS application process.

Health Care Visions can assist clients through the process using the following numerous approaches. Call today to ask how Health Care Visions can develop a specific plan for your organization.

Strategic Planning

In today's difficult environment an organization needs planning and direction to set priorities and alignment for the future. Health Care Visions can help. Health Care Visions facilitates numerous strategic planning sessions throughout the year with healthcare, EMS and business clients alike. Clients appreciate the approach and professional facilitation of these one or two day events. Sessions can include:

    -A review or development of the Mission/Value Statements

    -Identification/discussion of customers, competitors, and distinctive competences

    -A risk/environmental analysis using a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis

    -A determination of company needs and major "directional" themes

Developing strategy takes time and resources, let Health Care Visions guide your organization through the process.

Due Diligence Reviews (M&As)

Health Care Visions has assisted clients through the "buying and selling" process. Companies who may be interested in either growing through acquisitions or are interested in selling their company can call today and have a confidential conversation about the process and potential in the market today.

Health Care Visions can provide a valuation of your company and can best match "buyers and sellers". Additionally Health Care Visions has provided due diligence support to private equity firms and others who are looking at major acquisitions.

RFP Development/Proposal Responses

Health Care Visions has been involved in multiple, significant Request for Proposal (RFP) processes. The team has been extremely successful as they lead clients through the "battle" of either bidding for a new piece of business or bidding to protect their current market.

The Health Care Visions team will guide the process from inception; providing insight to the early phase of the process in preparation for the proposal development through the "after-bid" process of securing the contract and defending any protests that may arise from competitors.

Health Care Visions has spent considerable time developing RFPs for governmental entities which gives the team the ability to provide clients the benefit of understanding "how the customer thinks" and what answers are important to them.

The bidding process is complex and potentially risky. Health Care Visions can make sense of that complexity and can provide assistance to cities and counties who wish to contract the best EMS services possible or for companies responding to an RFP, whether they are seasoned and experienced bidders or this is their first attempt at the competitive process. Call us today.

Growth and Market Protection Strategies

Whether you are trying to grow the business within your market or you suddenly find yourself facing unexpected competition or a takeover attempt, let Health Care Visions review your environment and provide a marketing plan specifically designed for your situation. Health Care Visions associates have worked in every conceivable market and competitive situation and can provide solutions that work.

Having a solid marketing plan, prior to a threat will help you identify your customer's needs and wants – the key to a good relationship which gives you the ability to stay ahead of the competition.

Management/Supervisor Development

Leadership development is an important step for the overall education and development of the staff in an organization's and to the path of CAAS accreditation. The majority of today's EMS organizations believe that their "management bench strength" is a major constraint to their success and growth.

Health Care Visions can provide individual classes, programs and seminars or can develop a complete program designed to introduce and educate key personnel of an organization to the necessary components of successful management. Educators and presenters are available for EMS specific and related fields such as Human Resources, Governmental Affairs and Finances. Call today and find out a program can be tailored to your organization's needs.